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Waveblaster Module MIDI Interface Board


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Standalone MIDI interface board for Waveblaster synthesizer modules. Suitable for most Waveblaster cards.


Out of stock

New revision of the CHiLL high quality compact MIDI interface for Waveblaster (and compatible) MIDI daughterboards.

Connect your Waveblaster compatible MIDI board to any MIDI output. No need for host sound cards anymore!



  • 2 x RCA for audio output with jumper selectable attenuation (to prevent audio clipping on some daughterboards)
  • 2 x RCA audio input (for boards like Yamaha DB60XG or NEC XR385 that support it) to apply filters and effects to audio signal (not included)
  • MIDI input through standard 5-pin DIN connector
  • MIDI Thru (for daisy chaining MIDI devices) (optional through header)
  • PCB Size: 99mm x 86mm
  • Low noise audio output
  • Requires 9V DC adapter (not included)
  • Country of manufacture: Belgium

Well tested and fully compatible with:

  • Dreamblaster S1
    Waveblaster Module MIDI Interface with Dreamblaster S1
    Waveblaster Module MIDI Interface with Dreamblaster S1
  • Dreamblaster X2
    Waveblaster Module MIDI Interface with Dreamblaster X2
    Waveblaster Module MIDI Interface with Dreamblaster X2
  • Aztech CS9233
  • Creative WaveBlaster (CT1900)
  • Creative WaveBlaster II (CT1910)
  • Diamond Multimedia Monster MIDI Rev B/Rev C (4MB version)
  • Ensoniq Soundscape DV rev B
  • Gallant GMW-1000
  • Hizon DB333 (Formosa 16bit AudioStar Wave)
  • IBM S-W1/C (KD020102 & KD020103)
  • Korg Ai20 (AKA Trust Korg Super Sound Module / Guillemot Korg Wave Upgrade)
  • Magic Wave Table
  • MPB-000028
  • NEC XR385
  • Orchid Wave Booster 4FX
  • Pine PT-2030 Vivaldi Xtra Wavetable Daughterboard
  • Roland SCB-55
  • Shark Multimedia Tsunami
  • Shuttle HOT-243Y
  • Terratec DREAM GSWAVE
  • Terratec MiniWaveSystem (SOWT-11 Ver1.0)
  • Terratec MiniWaveSystem (SY/TTWT-11M V1.0)
  • Terratec MiniWaveSystem (WT64 V1.0)
  • Terratec WaveSystem Professional (SOWT-24)
  • Terratec WaveSystem SCW001-2 (MPB-000004) (Formosa OEM)
  • Terratec Wave XTable
  • Turtle Beach CancunFX
  • Turtle Beach Kurzweil HOMAC
  • Turtle Beach Rio Rev 3.0
  • X Technology TopWave 32 (XTOP-005)
  • Yamaha DB50XG
  • Yamaha DB51XG
  • Roland SCB-7

Not compatible:

  • Diamond Multimedia Monster Sound Wavetable Card 2MB
  • Aztech Sound Galaxy WaveTide (only works on Aztech sound card)


This board is intended for testing, education, development and usage in custom projects and prototypes. Also suitable for use in electronics projects and retro gaming pc’s.
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