Tube-03 – Tube Audio Buffer Preamp




Tube Audio Buffer Preamp

Investing in a high-quality, professional sounding tube amplifier will immensely change the overall performance you are looking for.

These are all high quality amplifiers at acceptable prices. You do not always have to spend a lot to get high quality.

Do not hesitate any longer, invest in your favorite tube amplifier today!


Introducing the all-new 6J1 Tube-03 tube buffer preamplifier.

This model offers bass and treble tuning accessible from the front panel.

This Tube-03 acts as a clever little tool to improve the sound of a desktop DAC or HiFi installation lacking punch. With a gold-plated stereo RCA stereo input and output, it will be a quality companion coupled with a class D power amplifier to restore dynamics and sound to any missing installation.

At the price offered, this device has qualities usually absent in this category.

Moreover, this preamplifier does not have the caricatured sound impastoed in the lower midrange of classical tube productions. On the contrary, the terms transparency, dynamics, musical unbridledness, sound matter are the ones that immediately come to mind.

An entry level excellence for any enthusiast who wants an affordable tube preamplifier of high quality.

NOTICE: This amplifier is a Pre-Amplifier. This means that it needs to be connected to a separate power amplifier before it can be used. It can match digital power amplifier, analog power amplifier, active speakers. Since it is not a Phono preamp, it is not suitable for turntable. The RCA cable is not included.

Technical Data

Tube-01 – Audio Tube Buffer PreampTube-03 – Tube Audio Buffer Preamp
Channels2 (2.0)2 (2.0)To be announced
Power2000 mW4Ω 70W | 8Ω 35W2.5 W+2.5W
Impedance600R4, 6, 8 OhmTo be announced
Frequency Response20Hz(-0.2dB) ~ 20kHz(-0.2dB)20Hz(-0.2dB) ~ 20kHz(-0.2dB)To be announced
SNR*100 dB98 dBTo be announced
Input Sensivity300 mV ~ 2000 mV300 mV ~ 2000 mVTo be announced
Output Sensivity3000 mV2000 mVTo be announced
THD*1000 mV 0.1%0.3%To be announced
Vacuum Tube6J16J16J1 + 6P1
Interface Input2 x Gold Plated RCA2 x Gold Plated RCA2 x Gold Plated RCA
Phono (MM)
Interface Output2 x Gold Plated RCA2 x Gold Plated RCA2 x Gold Plated RCA
Speaker (4Ω/8Ω)
MaterialAluminum AlloyAluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy
Gold Plated InterfaceGold Plated InterfaceGold Plated Interface
ColorBlack (Optional)Black (Optional)Black
Silver (Optional)Silver (Optional)
OperationPower SwitchPower SwitchPower Switch
Volume ControlVolume ControlVolume Control
Bass Control
Treble Control
Power Input12V DC 1.5AOptional12V DC 1.5AOptional12V DC 4AOptional
Weight350 g480 gTo be announced
Unit Size (LxWxH)98 x 100 x 32 mm98 x 100 x 32 mmTo be announced
Packing List1 x Preamplifier1 x Preamplifier1 x Preamplifier
1 x Power Supply (Optional)1 x Power Supply (Optional)1 x Power Supply (Optional)
2 x Tubes2 x Tubes4 x Tubes
  • SNR: Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • THD: Total Harmonic Distortion


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