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MIDI USB DIN Converter

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Create a real MIDI OUT port for your pure USB MIDI controllers and keyboards, without a PC!


MIDI USB DIN Converter & USB Host Board – MIDI Device

Create a real MIDI OUT port for your pure USB MIDI controllers and keyboards, without a PC!

The MIDI USB DIN Converter is available as separate PCB and as Module (PCB & Enclosure)

A dedicated 5V MIDI signal output driver chip allows the module to work well with power through midi connection boards, e.g. MIDI Solutions – Quadra Thru.


Example setup with Akai LPD8:
MIDI USB DIN Converter - Host Board Module - Real MIDI Out Port - Example diagram of a setup of the MIDI USB DIN Converter with a Akai LPD8


  • Dedicated 5V MIDI signal output driver chip
  • Connectors
    • Classic DIN MIDI Out port
    • USB Host port – provides power to your USB MIDI device and receives MIDI information
    • Mini USB port – for 5V power supply
  • Country of Manufacture: Belgium
  • Options:
    • PCB
      • UPC: 615517918054
      • EAN: 0615517918054
      • MPN: AUHM02
      • SKU: AUHM02
    • PCB with enclosure:
      • UPC: 615517918047
      • EAN: 0615517918047
      • MPN: AUHM01
      • SKU: AUHM01


Does this device eliminate the need for a computer?
Does this device eliminate the need for a computer when trying to interface a keyboard (USB MIDI) to a legacy 5 pin DIN controllable device?
Yes, this MIDI USB DIN converter does eliminate the need for a computer.

Does this device support a USB hub? If so, how many USB MIDI device can be connected at the same time?
This MIDI USB DIN converter does not support USB hubs.

Supported MIDI Devices

Standard MIDI compliant devices are supported.

Some Complex MIDI devices use a built-in USB Hub. These MIDI devices are not supported and will NOT work with our USB MIDI Converter. You can determine if your device has a built-in hub by running the free Windows program USB Tree Viewer. If, when you plug in your MIDI device, it appears as a new hub plus one or more devices, then it will not work with our MIDI USB DIN converter.

List of known Supported / Unsupported devices

If you know of a MIDI device which works or does not work, we would love to hear from you. Please send an email to info@excelvalley.com.

Known Supported DevicesKnown Unsupported Devices
AKAI professional LPK25 KeyboardAlesis V49
AKAI LPD8Behringer UMA25S
Akai MPK Mini mkIINovation Launch Control
Akai MPC 1000Teenage Engineering OP-1
Akai Synthstation
Arturia Beatstep
Arturia Minilab Mk1
Behringer X32
Behringer XR18
Casio CDP-220R
Casio CGP700
Farfisa FX-1000
Korg ARP Odyssey
Korg MS-20
Korg microStation
Korg nanoPAD2
Korg SQ1
M-Audio Axiom
M-Audio X-Session
Novation LaunchKey 49 MK2
Novation SL Mark II
Numark Orbit
Yamaha P105
Yamaha NP12
Yamaha THR5/THR10


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  1. johanan9

    This is a great little compact midi host unit that works very well with my Novation Launchkey 49 controller. It works as a midi out going into to a variety of midi devices such as the Roland DS 88 and the Roland JV 1010.

    It also powers the Novation keyboard through the USB cable.

    Coming from China, it took a while to get here but the company helped with the tracking and has been very helpful with advice throughout the process. In fact, I have not seen a company that is this helpful and seems to back their product to this extent.

    I would recommend this product to any musician who needs a midi host adapter. Just check your midi units as advised on the Excel website before hand.

    I found that a common cell telephone 5 volt charger works just fine with a mini-usb cable (not a cell phone-type cable) to power the unit. The company will provide the cable if you request it.


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