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Joplin Speaker Cable – Single Wire – 2.5m


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Opera Audio Consonance – JOPLIN Connector Speaker Cable – Single Wire

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Opera Audio Consonance – JOPLIN Connector Speaker Cable – Single-Wire

The Speaker Cable is handcrafted from eight 99.99% Pure OFC Copper wires, which have variable gauge strands in a sound tube array for minimum interference.
The variable gauge keeps this cable from having any single sonic signature associated with a given gauge.
The special array structure permits full signal propagation featured extremely rich sound throughout the full frequency range, the extended highs and bottom end are fully reproduced without any grain.


  • 2.5 m Speaker Connector cable/pair
  • 11 AWG Copper interconnect
  • 9.99% Pure OFC Copper, Banana Termination
  • Single-Wire

Description of layers from center to outside:

  1. OFC Copper silver Signal & Return conductor
  2. PVC dielectric filler
  3. Individual pure copper braided shield
  4. PE dielectric filler
  5. PVC main cable insulation
  6. Abrasion protective braid

Opera Audio Consonance

The Opera Audio Company in Beijing, China.

With a 13-year history and 55 employees, Opera designs and manufactures products under the Consonance name.

We ship directly from China.


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