Ella Baby Heavy Gauge Handcrafted Power Cable – 1.8M – EU


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Heavy gauge handcrafted power cord.


Only 1 left in stock

Ella Baby – Heavy gauge handcrafted power cable

The Opera handcrafted power cable with the sound name “Ella Baby” is manufactured according to own specifications.The high-end power cord is finely-tuned and shielded. In addition, the cable has an elaborate interior design with partial-mass inner conductors in silver alloy as well as high-quality dielectrics and protective braids. The sound gain is enormous.The cable runs on powerful amplifiers or tube amplifiers with large power supplies and transmitters, but also on source devices and preamplifiers good successes have been achieved.
This heavy gauge handcrafted power cord could keep EMI & RFI away from the power lines or other digital components.
The Ellabay Power Cord is electrically connected to the ground/shield wire and equipped with a heavy 4-layers-fabric tinned copper shield. 

Technical Data:

  • Power cable: 2 x 11 AWG | 2 x 4,17 mm2
  • Ground: 11 AWG | 4,17 mm2
  • Pure copper-plated heavy IEC plug, 3 pole
  • Heavy tinned copper shield (4 layers)
  • Material: 99.99% Pure OFC Copper
The most inside layer is made of aluminum foil and then the 75% tinned copper shield, while the 93% tinned copper shield is located at the most outside. Between the 2 layers of tinned copper shield, there is a PVC insulation located.
99.99% Pure OFC Copper, WATTGATE IEC plug


  • Model: Ella Baby EU
  • Length:1.8M
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Opera Consonance
  • Warranty: 1 Year


CABLES NEEDS BREAKING-IN – All cables need a break-in period before they achieve their full sonic potential. Put a constant music signal through the system (using a FM tuner or put a CD in repeat mode) at a reasonable volume level. Interconnects, digital cables and power cables require 40 hours to break-in properly. Speaker cable needs a minimum break-in period of 60 hours.After the initial break-in period, the treble frequencies will begin to open up with a more natural tonal balance and bass frequencies will have more authority. The soundstage will begin to open up with time. Subtle musical information between instruments will become more apparent. Micro and macro dynamics will also be improved. CABLES ARE DIRECTIONAL – Use the arrows on the cables to determine the signal flow. The arrows should be pointing away from the source in order for them to sound best. SHIELD GROUNDING SYSTEM – Shield grounding is highly system dependent. Our shield grounding wire clip is design to float / ground the outermost shield of the cable. All of our cables feature multiple shielding (triple or quadruple) for maximum protection against RFI and EMI. By floating the shield grounding wire, you actually “trap” the interference in the outermost shield. The effect of the shield grounding depends on the design of the connected component. We highly recommend you to experience the effect of shield grounding. For interconnects, there are 3 ways to connect the shield grounding:
  1. Floating the shield grounding on both channels.
  2. Connecting the shield grounding on both channels but not with the component.
  3. Connecting both shield grounding wire clips to the component.
We hope you enjoy listening with our cables as much as we do. 

Opera Audio Consonance

The Opera Audio Company in Beijing, China.
With a 13-year history and 55 employees, Opera designs and manufactures products under the Consonance name.
We ship directly from China.


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