DAC-X3 – Digital to Analog Converter


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DAC-X3 – Digital to Analog Converter

If you are currently looking for an economical DAC, without neglecting the technical qualities, do not look any further!

Do not hesitate any longer, invest in a quality DAC today!
The DAC-X3 is a very versatile device:
  • DAC: Digital to Analog Converter
  • Headphone Amplifier
  • Preamplifier

It has many inputs to be comfortable in all configurations.

This excellent famous headphone AMP NE5532, 32-300Ω, will let you hear something in your music that you never have heard before.

Convenient potentiometer volume controller.

The fact that it can be connected via USB allows you to use this amplifier as an external sound card for your computer regardless of operating system: Windows , MAC OS or Linux.

Input: USB, S/PDIF (Coaxial and Toslink Optical
Power Supply : DC 12V 1AOptional

Its ultra-modern DAC allows you to manage 16bit/48kHz sources directly via USB and 24bit/192kHz via SPDIF/Coaxial inputs.


DAC-X3 – Digital to Analog Converter DAC-X6 – Digital to Analog Converter DAC-X7 – Digital to Analog Converter
Channels2 (2.0 – Stereo)2 (2.0 – Stereo)2 (2.0 – Stereo)
Interface InputPC-USB, Optical, CoaxialPC-USB, Optical, CoaxialPC-USB, Optical, Coaxial, Micro USB, AUX
Interface OutputRCA, 3.5mm HeadphoneRCA, 6.35mm HeadphoneRCA, 3.5 & 6.35mm Headphone
Output Power Speaker25mw/150Ω, 75mw/64Ω, 150mw/32Ω, 300mw/16Ω90mw/600Ω, 180mw/300Ω, 450mw/100Ω, 610mw/62Ω, 910mw/32Ω, 1000mw/16ΩTo be announced
Output Power Headphone120 mW200 mW120 mW
Sampling RateUSB: 16 bit/48 kHzUSB: 16 bit/192 kHz, 24 bit/96 kHzUSB: 32 bit/384 kHz
Coaxial/Optical: 24 bit/192 kHzCoaxial/Optical: 24 bit/192 kHzCoaxial/Optical: 24 bit/192 kHz
Frequency Response20Hz~20kHz20Hz~20kHzTo be announced
SNR*≥96 dB≥105 dB≥115 dB
Impedance16-64 Ω32-600 Ω16-300 Ω
ChipsetCM108 + CS4344 + CS8416 + NE5532CS8416 + CS4398 + VT1630 + TPA6120 + OPA2134 + OP275XMOS + AK4490 + TPA6120 + AK4118 + OPA2604
DAC InterfaceCS8416 + CS4344CS8416 + CS4398AK4490
USB InterfaceCM108 16 bit/48 kHzVT1630XMOS
Headphone AmplifierNE5532TPA6120TPA6120
Signal AmplifierNE5532TPA6120OPA2604
OperationFront Panel ControlFront Panel ControlFront Panel Control
Power SupplyDC 12V 1ADC 12V 1ADC 12V 1A
ColorBlackBlack / Silver (Optional)Black / Silver (Optional)
Unit Size106 x 70 x 25 mm150 x 95 x 32 mm168 x 130 x 30 mm
Unit Weight500 gram800 gram1.5 kg
Packing List1 x DAC1 x DAC1 x DAC
1 x Power Supply (Optional)1 x Power Supply (Optional)1 x Power Supply (Optional)
  • N/A: Not Applicable
  • SNR: Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • THD: Total Harmonic Distortion


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